3D origami basket with handle master class (tutorial)

Video description

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami basket 3D origami. This basket is made of special paper blanks - triangular pieces origami. If you are not familiar with the technology of modular origami - go to our website and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. We have many interesting video from a wide variety of circuits assembly of figures: swan, vase, etc. There are also many schemes for beginners in this fascinating hobby. Also you can put Easter eggs inside this basket!

Necessary to raise the basket to 526 pieces.

We need:

154 purples and 372 brown triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Make three rows of 24 brown pieces each.

1st row short side piece up

2nd and 3rd row long side.

How to make it (more) see the link here.

Slightly flex and make the 4th row of 24 brown

Makes 12 columns 4 brown pieces each

Attach the column, then lilac piece, etc. in a circle

make arch of seven brown pieces

and attach

Making and attach 12 arches

Makes 12 columns 3 brown each piece

Insert a column, then lilac piece, etc.

Again make 12 arches and adding them

fasten the arch 12-Tew lilac slices in a circle

Making a series of 48 pieces lilac reverse side (i.e., short side piece to us)

Making a number of 48 pieces lilac standard side (i.e. long side piece to us)

Making a handle:

2 brown, 1 lilac (11 times).

Then 2 brown at the end

Making two such basket handle

Attach the handle.

All pieces glue for better durability colorless adhesive.

can attach beautiful ribbon on the handle

3D origami basket with handle made of paper ready!

And now you know how to make basket with handle in the art modular origami. If you want to use this video as master class for the assembly of the basket.

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